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A website during nap time...

Tara Mckenzie


So... I started this year not knowing what to expect - all I knew was that I LOVE what I do and I've worked hard to grow my little brand into somewhere people choose to #shopsmall!

Thanks to my amazing fiancé my workshop got a bit of a make over [well a lot of a make over!!] so I now have laminate flooring to sweep up my threads and trimmings and white walls that make a great backdrop for my pictures! I also purchased a My Pro Planner so I could write down all my goals and dreams - and of course baby brain means I NEED to write things down now!

One of the goals in my planner was to 'have my own website before 2018 is over' and hey-ho... January isn't even over and here I am! Maybe I'm just impatient, but so many people place orders through social media that I thought it time to give you somewhere to browse my favourite pieces, create your own account and also make the most of exclusive offers I'll be running!


I've been busy building my shop and there's still a long way to go, but I hope you love it! If you're local and would like to pick your order up you can use code LOCAL so you don't get charged for postage! I'm so excited to make 2018 a special one, growing Whoopsie Daisie and bringing you more of what you want/need! So keep your eyes peeled for the exclusive LAUNCH SALE that will be coming with the date above and happy shopping everyone! Thanks for being a part of this amazing and exciting journey...

Oh yea, and I built this during my 10 month olds nap time! Who'd have thunk it!

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 00.27.23.png