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I have just had a bit off time off for my wedding - this MAMA is now a MRS!!

So back to it now [Sept 6th] and caught up on emails and messages - I now have some catching up ahead of me so turnaround will be 3-4 weeks until I’m caught up - but will keep website and social updated on this for you all!

Thank you for all your well wishes, support, orders and patience,

Tara xo


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Nominate a Mama


Nominate a Mama

I am fortunate enough to do what I love every day - BE A MUMMY! - oh, and run my own handmade business! Thanks to Whoopsie Daisie I have met, spoken to and crossed paths with some incredible women that I otherwise would never have known and I am so grateful!

'Nominate a Mama' came about from something I posted in my Instagram stories... I'd posted asking for suggestions and recommendations and I got speaking to one lady... I learnt she was a single Mummy with two 10 month old twins and three older children too - she was about to return to work in the evenings to bring more money in. I thought 'WOW - this woman is incredible!' so I asked for her address so I could send her a little something as a small pat on the back for working so hard for her little people! A 'Random Act of Kindness' #RAOK

She then went on to explain that she'd been having a tough day and that this was just the pick-me-up she needed - which made me realise - if I can do something to put a smile on a strangers face, then why shouldn't I?

The following day I wrote on my Instagram stories again, explaining how I wanted to reach out to more incredible Mamas who may need a little pinch of magic, a virtual hug or a big reminder that they are so much more than 'just' a Mama! And the response I got was incredible!!!

More Mummies telling me their tales and struggles they've overcome, other small businesses showing support and saying how they'd love to get involved! So with a response like that - I just had to do this right away [and if you've made it this far reading - well done - I'm quite the waffler!]

So here is NOMINATE A MAMA - each month I want you amazing people to nominate Mums you know that are doing an amazing job, have had a tough time or need a little reminder that they're just bloody brilliant, and at the end of each month I will pick one Mama to send a little parcel out to. It might just be a handwritten card, or a teething necklace, or a combination of gifts from other businesses, or a box of chocolates - but it'll be a lovely little #RAOK from me and you!

I'll also feature your reason for nominating on my blog [though I won't mention any names] and the fabulous lady at 'Isabella and Us' has agreed to include something each month too!

Thank you for reading, now what are you waiting for... GET NOMINATING!


Please nominate an amazing Mama below...

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Did you know?

You will receive one of three 'Mama affirmation cards' with every order! Stick it on your fridge, keep it in your bag or pass it on to a friend - just a little reminder that you've totally got this!