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I have just had a bit off time off for my wedding - this MAMA is now a MRS!!

So back to it now [Sept 6th] and caught up on emails and messages - I now have some catching up ahead of me so turnaround will be 3-4 weeks until I’m caught up - but will keep website and social updated on this for you all!

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Doing Fatherhood My Way Sweater


Doing Fatherhood My Way Sweater


Doing Fatherhood My Way Sweater



Here’s one of the ones I’m most excited about!! If you saw my posts over Christmas then you may have read about how I believe that the more we share our differences as parents, hopefully the more we can accept and support each other rather than judge!

Part of doing this involves sharing how different our journeys of parenthood are and the different things we’ve been through and over comes, the different decisions we’ve made and seeking others to share theirs too! All without prejudice.

Whether that’s bottle or breast, nursery or home - we should all be in this together, supporting each other. And that’s how this design was born!

Available on a sweater or t-shirt, for Mum and for Dad and in your choice of three flocks [a felt effect] fluorescent pink, burgundy or navy. Which will you choose?

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